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Why Sustainability Expertise is Important in the Marketplace

May 8, 2020
By Joe Kaplan

Understanding the Benefits of Sustainable Packaging While Following the Trend

Sustainable packaging is a growing trend among consumers. Because it matters so much to them, sustainability expertise is essential for packaging companies. In order to maintain a reputation for environmental stewardship, brands need to deliver products that meet requirements as well as consumer demands.

Why sustainable packaging is important

Sustainable packaging helps reduce the environmental impact at of all the stages in the product’s life-cycle. Research shows that consumers are willing to pay more for goods from sustainable companies. Due to consumer demands, retailers, in turn, seek products in sustainable packaging. Thus, brands seeking to increase sales, as well as reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste and lower shipping costs, find it important to make a shift in packaging. Instituting such a program ultimately impacts the bottom line with a positive ROI as consumers embrace brands that move toward eco-friendly options.

What makes packaging sustainable?

While there are broad standards of sustainable packaging, there are traits companies should consider:

• Effectiveness: Provides value by protecting the contents and supports informed and responsible consumption.
• Efficiency: The packaging line and machinery are designed to utilize packaging materials as efficiently as possible, including the minimal amount of material use, reducing layers, lowering volume, using clean energy, renewable energy or energy-efficient machinery.
• Safety: No parts of the packaging should pose a risk to human or ecological health.

Having sustainability expertise impacts packaging performance and cost. For example, if the packaging is too expensive, it is less likely to be used. The same is true if it is too fragile. Expert manufacturers know there’s a delicate dance for recognizing what a brand needs as well as understanding the reality and budget for production. Additionally, they understand how to promote health and safety for workers as well as consumers and while creating packaging that meets sustainability standards.

Benefits of sustainable packaging

Brands that make the move to sustainable packaging will find numerous benefits, including:

• Better for the environment
• Reduces use of resources
• Reduces shipping costs
• Increases storage and space
• Improves brand image
• Expands customer base
• Increases sales

Companies are finding that the concept of eco-friendly packaging has moved from “nice to have” to an essential component. This is because sustainable packaging is not only a better option for the environment but a great investment for brands looking for ways to cut costs and create a positive image in the eyes of the consumer. It benefits profits as well as the planet.

The expertise of Field Packaging Solutions

Field Packaging Solutions (FPS) is an offshoot of Field Container Corp, LLP, a family-owned-and-operated manufacturer of folding cartons, recycled paperboard, and printing ink. Over three generations and for more than 60 years, Field has focused on being modern and efficient. With experience developing, sourcing and managing sustainable packaging we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve, even as the trend has grown. For brands seeking quality sustainable packaging products, Field is a superb option.

As consumers seek sustainable packaging, brands make a shift toward it. For brands seeking quality sustainable packaging products, Field is a superb option.