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Types of Packaging That Need Upgrade to Standup Packaging

December 6, 2022
By Ben Kaplan

When you visit a grocery store, you must have noticed packages that stand tall anywhere without any support. It could be in the refrigerator or on open shelves, those stand-up packages stand tall and look appealing enough to drive the attention of buyers. There are numerous reasons why more and more people are switching to stand-up packaging solutions. For those planning to sell their products through retail stores, they must focus on the aesthetics and functionality for better sales charts. The reason why more and more suppliers are ditching conventional packaging and opting for flexible stand-up packaging is due to their protective elements, sturdiness, incredible looks and the fact that they are user-friendly.

Well, this post will discuss the types of packaging that should upgrade to stand-up packaging.

Aluminum Soda/Beer Cans: Aluminum cans cause a major issue when it comes to the supply chain, not only do their materials cost a lot but also the expenses are increasing every day. However, beer-soda pouches are having a real moment in the market, thanks to cutting-edge technology and splashy options, you can choose attractive and functional packaging for your products that will set your item apart from the competition.  On top of all, they are cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and light in weight.

Laundry Detergent: Laundry detergent jug holds a reputation in the niche with a large spout, this innovative stand-up packaging style uses 95% less plastic, stores and disposes of flat. Therefore, they are a better option than conventional rigid jugs. Thanks to this advanced and aesthetic flexible packaging option, customers can completely use the product. While the rigid packaging looks great, it has its flaws. However, you don’t have to worry about anything when using flexible stand-up packaging.

Coffee Cans: The coffee cans, as we know, are an old packaging method and fail to keep the product fresh since it traps all the air every time you open it. Thanks to stand-up pouch packaging, it adjusts the shape to fit the quantity of coffee that you’ve left- keeping the beans fresh for a long time. Not to mention, they take up a lot less space than rigid container packaging. Coffee cans may appear cool but they are not as user-friendly and efficient as flexible packaging.

Cardboard Boxes: When it comes to cereals, crackers, baking powders and other commonly packaged goods that can rot or go stale quickly, it is better to choose stand-up packages. With cardboard containers, the product is out in the open to go stale as it cannot create an air-tight seal, which is why a stand-up pouch with a zip-lock feature works wonderfully. Savor fresh and delicious snacks by storing them in a secure pouch with a zipper that preserves the goodness and freshness of the content in a perfect manner protecting against moisture and contaminants.

Wine Boxes/Bottles: Alcohol items have made a major contribution to the growth in the stand-up packaging niche. From beer-tap-style pouches to boxed wine, flexible packaging for alcohol allows easy dispense while minimizing air exposure and helps save a lot of space. Best of all, empty pouches rest flat and save hugely on shipping expenses.

Plastic Trays: You can forget choosing those rigid cookie trays when a stand-up pouch can do the job in a much better way. A pouch traps the goodness and freshness well since they seal tight after serving, keeping the cookies fresh and allowing easy disposal.

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of stand-up packaging solutions and the types of packaging that need an upgrade, consult our professionals.

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