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Field Packaging Solutions Portfolio of Companies

Field Packaging Solutions (FPS) acquires and operates small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses in the packaging industry. We actively seek additional companies to add to our current platforms as well as folding cartons and paperboard.

Our current companies produce a wide-range of products for a variety of industries across the global marketplace with creative packaging solutions for the most demanding, protective and critical needs.

Momar Industries

Momar Industries is a flexible packaging manufacturer located in Reno, Nevada that specializes in adhesive lamination and lidding. Momar services a diverse range of markets and produces both cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging. Momar’s focus areas include, but are not limited to, flexographic printing, die cut paper lids, and paper/poly roll stock lamination.

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Phone:  775-857-3600

momar industries

Primary Packaging, Inc.

Primary Packaging (PPI) is a fully integrated extruder, printer and converter of heavy-duty plain and printed plastic film and bags. Located in Bolivar, Ohio, PPI serves the industrial and retail market with high-quality, heavy duty plastic packaging for demanding applications like for fertilizer, minerals, chemicals, salt, sand, rock, soils, mulches, organic materials, hemp, pet bedding, cellulose, and fiberglass insulation markets.

PPI prints up to 10 colors with UV coatings and is able to convert into a wide variety of styles of bags, rolls, or innovative packaging like the ConservaCube. PPI takes an innovative approach to packaging designs that allows the company to be a differentiator within the flexible packaging industry.

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Phone:  330-874-3131

primary packaging inc.

Alert Security Products

Primary Packaging’s Alert Security Products is an industry leader in tamper evident technology products. We manufacture tamper evident  security bags for a wide range of applications for any organization that handles sensitive assets. Our most popular security bags include bank deposit bags, personal property bags, patient’s medicine bags, evidence bags, antistatic evidence bags for storing data storage devices, confidential document bags and mailer bags. Each bag type is thoughtfully designed with special features to simplify the unique chain of custody and secure storage issues of the processes related to each of these applications. Alert Security Products also has robust custom security bag capabilities to create a custom printed product specific to your organization’s unique needs.

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Phone:  888-467-1916

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Label Arts

Label Arts is a specialty label manufacturer located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that primarily serves the healthcare industry and is a global leader in compliance labeling solutions. Label Arts specializes in diagnostic labeling and patient identification and offers preprinted chemical resistant labels along with blank labels and ribbons.

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Phone: 847-347-9076

Label Arts


Labelmart is a full service label manufacturer located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Labelmart supplies commercial pressure-sensitive labels to companies throughout many different industries. The types of labels include, but are not limited to, custom, prime, barcode, direct thermal shipping, and thermal transfer shipping. Labelmart also offers fully customized 4-color process printing and digital printing capabilities.

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Phone:  847-347-9076


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As a self-funded private family office, we make acquisitions and investments for the long term with no exit strategy. With more than 75 years of expertise and a commitment and passion to nurture businesses, we add value by bringing investment, ideas and innovation to every transaction.

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