Flexible & Rigid Packaging: Choosing the Best for Your Products

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August 10, 2023


Field Packaging

Many businesses today are focused on a specific packaging option, rigid or flexible solutions. Truth be told – there are no one-size-for-all solutions, especially when it comes to packaging products. Both structures have myriad benefits but they heavily rely on the type of item being packaged or how it will be used. It is essential to understand that the market for rigid Packaging is larger than the market for flexible Packaging. However, it is integral to note that flexible Packaging has gained immense popularity over the past few years due to its extensive features.

What is Rigid Packaging?

Rigid Packaging offers an inflexible and sturdy structure that protects and carries products. They are produced using materials such as glass, metal and rigid plastics such as Polypropylene or Polyethylene Terephthalate. Rigid Packaging offers durability, strength and resistance to external factors such as temperature variations, impact and moisture. They ensure the integrity and safety of items contained within during storage, shipping and their time on store shelves.

Some common examples of rigid Packaging include jars, bottles, boxes, cans and plastic containers. They are trendy in the food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical field, cosmetic & wellness companies and consumer foods due to their ability to retain product quality. Rigid Packaging offers convenient handling and labeling while improving the brand’s image. 

What is flexible Packaging?

Flexible Packaging is a modern type of Packaging that is known for its unique ability to alter the shape and conform to the product it carries. They are produced using sturdy yet flexible items like paper, aluminum and plastic films or a combo of these. Flexible Packaging extends adaptability, versatility, and whatnot that allow them to accommodate a variety of product shapes or sizes. They are light in weight, convenient to use and space efficient, which makes them an ideal option for storage and shipping. Flexible Packaging comes bearing exceptional characteristics such as excellent barrier properties, protecting the contents from light, moisture and air – thereby extending shelf life. Flexible packaging solutions are now ruling various industries like food & beverages, pet food companies, the pharmaceutical industry and those dealing in personal care. Best examples of flexible Packaging include bags, pouches, wraps and sachets.

What can Field Packaging Solutions do for you?

Our team at Field Packaging Solution offers flexible packaging options such as Quad seal, Stand-up pouches or flat bottom bags and polypropylene sacks – they are made using conventional laminated plastics or mono-material structures – which makes them sustainable. We offer bags that contain over 30% green content, which makes them ideal for businesses that are trying to cut down costs incurred from plastic packaging taxes. Connect with us to get more information.

What are the significant differences between Flexible and Rigid Packaging?

  1. Rigid Packaging is crafted from denser and thicker materials, which makes them heavy, while flexible Packaging is a lot of light in weight. This reduces the shipping costs that come with the transportation of the item. 
  2. Rigid Packaging is produced using recyclable materials such as glass, but overall flexible Packaging holds less product-to-packaging ratio.
  3. Items packed in bags or pouches are durable based on the material and their shelf life is longer than rigid Packaging – which reduces food wastage. This is absolutely true – it is used for human food or pet food.
  4. If a bag or a pouch is dropped during shipping or from store to home – it can absorb the impact, whereas rigid product packaging can break or get damaged.
  5. Pouches and bags have a lot of free graphic space available on the outside – effectively crafting a blank canvas – which means a business can use this space as a marketing tool.

Reduce carbon footprint using Flexible Packaging

Using flexible films and laminates can reduce environmental impact during the manufacturing stages. The amount of energy consumed during production, as well as consumption, has a negative effect on our planet, unlike traditional rigid Packaging. Although glass bottles can be recycled and reused – with flexible pouches, the product-to-packaging ratio is 35 times larger than glass jars. With more items and less packaging, landfill waste can be reduced significantly.

Increase Product Shelf Appeal via Convenience

Flexible product packaging can be tailored to fit your requirements and withstand extreme conditions during transit. Manufacturers produce packaging in any shape and size as per your unique needs. Don’t forget to add features like easy-tear notch, zippers and spouts that make using them more convenient for your customers. Your end-users are gaining immense popularity due to their convenience, and these features offer businesses what they need to improve sales. Rigid Packaging can be customized; it can be limited to visibility on shelves, especially on items with curves, such as bottles or cans.


Flexible Packaging extends myriad benefits over rigid product packaging, which makes them everyone’s preferred choice for industries. Their ability to adapt the product’s shape, lightweight construction and space efficiency delivers reduced material consumption and shipping expenses. The extensive barrier properties protect items against external elements and harmful factors. In addition to that, flexible product packaging offers captivating branding opportunities such as accessible opening features and reusability while making them more sustainable. Nowadays, with more and more customers becoming environmentally conscious, it is essential to take steps that reduce environmental impact.

About Field Packaging

Field Packaging is your leading packaging solutions company that specializes in providing innovative and customized packaging solutions for various industries. With our expertise in both rigid and flexible Packaging, we offer multiple products and services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We, at Field Packaging Solutions, prioritize quality, functionality and sustainability, ensuring that our packaging solutions protect your products while minimizing environmental impact. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedication to delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions makes us a trusted partner in the industry.

If you are looking forward to investing in world-class flexible packaging solutions, connect with us and let our experts guide you through our process. We offer recommendations along the way to help improve your brand’s efficiency and reduce expenses while adding untold value to your product.