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Maximizing Sales with Effective E-Commerce Packaging

November 27, 2023
By Ben Kaplan

We all love simple gestures, especially when we receive a complimentary item with the order. Businesses can boost their sales by adding a small product to your client’s packaging. Packaging inserts, as we have discussed in many of our posts, play a key role in promoting customer loyalty and creating brand identity. In addition to being more profitable and selling to retain consumers instead of constantly looking for new ones – it is always better to keep catering to those who have bought your product. Keep them coming back for more – strategize customer-oriented marketing.

For those who are planning to launch their business from scratch, it will become easy to sell your products online – in the world of e-commerce. To stand tall and thrive in the marketplace, don’t forget to make your customers feel valued – focus on creating compelling e-Commerce packaging. The way you represent your product influences your brand’s perception and your customer’s decision to buy from your brand. Moreover, with e-Commerce packaging becoming an integral part of marketing strategy, it can be a powerful tool in positioning your brand in the minds of your customers.

Read on to understand the importance of quality e-commerce packaging and how Field Packaging Solutions can help you maximize sales.



Compelling packaging is not just about protecting the product during transit; it plays a key role in creating a memorable unboxing experience. An effective e-commerce packaging material, design and overall aesthetics add to the perceived value of your products. When you strike the right balance, your packaging will go a long way in driving and retaining customers.


Your e-commerce product packaging plays a key role in improving your brand identity. Bespoke packaging entails your logo, unique design and brand colors that can leave a strong positive impression on customers. It reinforces brand recognition and instills a sense of loyalty among customers. With our carefully created packaging, you can have personalized solutions that fit right with your brand’s image and persona.


When you invest in bespoke e-commerce packages by Field Packaging Solutions, you don’t have to worry about money. Our team brings you cost-effective packaging that is suitable for your unique product. Strike the right balance between affordability and quality – from basic options to sophisticated packaging ideas. Optimize your packaging expenses and redirect resources toward other integral regions of your business.


Over the past few years, eco-conscious people have become a major consideration for businesses. Many consumers prefer brands that follow sustainable practices – environment-friendly product packaging. You will find packaging options that sit well with eco-conscious customers, giving your brand a positive reputation.


Different products require different packaging needs – delicate goods demand extra protection to prevent damage during transit. Ask the professionals about a variety of packaging options best suited for various product types – ensuring that your products reach your customers in good condition.


Product packaging has evolved from being functional to a powerful marketing tool. You may not realize that unique unboxing videos and social media posts exhibiting attractive e-commerce packaging have become a major trend lately. When you deliver a delightful unboxing experience, you can encourage consumers to share their excitement- improving brand visibility, growth and engagement in the digital realm.


Corrugated Boxes – A seller must use high-quality corrugated boxes when shipping their products. This is where we come into play. You can choose from a variety of options and at the best price. Our packages are manufactured using a 3-ply corrugated board with 190 gsm, providing superior strength, even when bearing major impact during transit. You must have received a corrugated box (big brown box) when your parcel or Amazon delivery arrives.

Plastic Courier Bags – Once you have secured a corrugated box, you have to focus on shipping delicate items to their destination, keeping in mind that they remain safe during transit. We focus on manufacturing our courier bags using supreme quality material to store heavy products seamlessly. Once the bags are sealed, one can only tamper or access them by cutting through them. We offer different sizes to fit your unique needs.

Stretch Film Rolls – Have you ever received a product full of dust, moisture, or dirt? If yes, then we are sure it must have compromised your experience. To avoid that, it is advised to wrap the products in stretch film rolls, and we can be of huge help in delivering affordable and best-suited solutions for your business. Our product is highly flexible and resistant – they have a glossy finish that prevents dust from clinging to them.

Mailers – Everyone’s favorite choice – this cushion-like mailer bags and envelopes are perfect for flat, light and durable products. They can be used for books, bedding & linen, jewelry, clothing, and more. They are light in weight, weather-proof and self-sealing items. Keep in mind that they are not recyclable; most of them aren’t. For products that require extra protection, you can consider padded envelopes.

Inserts & Infill – e-commerce packaging infills provide extra padding for your product. You can consider shredded cardboard air pillows and packaging peanuts – they are usually messy, which means they aren’t recyclable. Brown paper or an air pillow makes a perfect choice for keeping delicate items protected.


Sustainable ecommerce product packaging benefits the environment, business marketing, and finances. Listed below are a few benefits it offers:

Lower Carbon Footprint: Sustainable product packaging in e-commerce is safe and beneficial for the environment since it decomposes faster after disposal. Reusing such packaging is easier, and so is manufacturing, as it consumes less energy and excretes minimal waste. Light in weight nature is another common sustainable packaging that helps save cost on packaging materials and again in transit. The lighter-weight packaging reduces the amount of energy required to ship a package.

Boost Brand Image: The economist finds that customers believe corporation has as much responsibility as government to leave a positive environmental impact. Since sustainable packaging is beneficial for our planet, using it can improve how customers perceive a brand.

Brand Loyalty: Biodegradable product packaging cultivates a strong relationship with eco-conscious customers who prioritize sustainability. Many of them consider it as a part of their identity – by choosing sustainable packaging, businesses empower customers to align their beliefs with their purchases, encouraging and improving brand loyalty.

Better Customer Retention: According to Microsoft, consumers are more willing to switch brands that they know practice sustainability. Since e-commerce packaging solutions play a key role in marketing strategy, adopting green practices – helps reduce customer churn and improve sales.


Nowadays, e-Commerce packaging plays a vital role in communicating your brand’s guidelines and creating a lasting impression for your brand. It has become an essential part of the online process. Therefore, you should always look for ways to deliver your promise.

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