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Flexible Packaging Companies: Delivering Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

April 3, 2023
By Ben Kaplan

From consumer goods, gadgets and cosmetics to medical supplies and more, flexible product packaging is critical in many industries. Flexible packaging combines top-tier quality plastic and films – they are versatile in nature, functional and require minimal manufacturing costs. Flexible packaging is a part of a package that can be changed readily – to name some – bags, shrink films, pouches, sleeves, tubes and carded packaging. It can be found everywhere, in a shopping trolley, wardrobes, your deliveries and many more.

Plastic or non-natural materials cause environmental issues, primarily pollution, and damage the health of our planet. Fret not! There are sustainable and eco-friendly packaging alternatives that help slow down the damage people unintentionally cause.

This post will discuss the innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions delivered by flexible packaging companies.

What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging means product packaging using non-rigid and eco-friendly materials and is considered a customization and affordable option. It is an advanced method in the packaging industry and has gained immense popularity due to its incredible efficiency and economic nature. This method uses flexible materials such as plastic, foil and paper to create bags, pouches and other product containers. Flexible packaging positively impacts industries that demand versatile packaging; this includes the food & beverage market, personal care, décor goods and the pharmaceutical market.

Why Use Flexible Product Packaging?

Flexible packaging is the solution businesses of all sizes and types turn to for various purposes. For starters, it is more economical than rigid packaging and keeps your product protected and durable for a long time. Polyolefin shrink films, as we have discussed in some of our previous blogs, are top-quality material. The FDA approves them to boost a product’s shelf life. The flexible packaging quality isn’t its calling card; it is known for its ability to be customized and shaped as per your preferences. With top flexible packaging companies, businesses that deal in packaging to sell their products can have creative and out-of-the-box packaging that will engage customers. Flexible packaging helps create aesthetically pleasing product packaging since it is considered eco-friendly.

What is sustainable product packaging?

It is a packaging that, with time, decreases the environmental footprint. You can achieve that in the following ways:

           Ingredients: showcasing how 100% recyclable and raw materials your brand uses.

           Production Procedure: Minimize the production process and carbon footprint.

           Recyclability: Producing an economy around the packaging extending the film’s life and usability.

It is simple to understand that eco-packaging is produced keeping the environment in concern. It also considers economic and social factors.

What are the environmental advantages of eco-friendly product packaging?

Reduced Carbon Footprint: When produced using recycled products, the product’s carbon footprint will be reduced immensely. If the packaging is made of natural material such as FSC-approved cardboard or bamboo, the growth of products draws carbon out of the environment. Sustainable packaging is an ideal option for business owners wishing for their brand to become carbon-neutral.

Biodegradable: When produced using natural materials, this means it is biodegradable. Plastic, as we know, is non-biodegradable and can take more than 200 years to decompose, releasing harmful elements into the ground. Sustainable packaging, such as sustainable paper products or bamboo, are compostable. The list includes brands like Starbucks, Puma’s clever little bags, Zara alternative bags, Amazon packaging, ASOS bags, and more.

Easily Disposable: Businesses placed in countries like Europe and the UK have assigned recycling and disposable locations. It is super simple nowadays to recycle, allowing you to separate your disposables, making it easy for everyone to recycle properly. Choosing environmental-friendly packaging works great for you and your business.

Zero Toxins: Non-sustainable petrochemical resources such as crude oil is used for producing plastic, which is highly harmful to our environment in terms of extraction, refinement, distribution and usage as well as disposal. Sustainable packaging comes with none of these problems and decomposes within a small period.

Easy Recyclability: As mentioned earlier, the ability to be recycled and reused is what makes sustainable packaging everyone’s favorite. Encouraging the re-use of product packaging reflects that the lifespan is extended, reducing the need for new materials or products, thereby lowering the carbon footprint. If the packaging is of top quality, it can be re-used or recycled, protecting our planet. 

What are the issues with traditional packaging?

The primary objective of packaging is to entail and protect products. Nowadays, packaging comes with an issue of convenience, especially in terms of food and disposable goods. The packaging we come across is commonly made of polyethylene. However, the following come in different types:

Polyethylene Terephthalate: This type is widely used for producing bottles since they are the most recycled plastic resins.

High-Density Polyethylene: HDP is used for creating containers used for heavy items and liquids such as shampoo, laundry detergent, motor oil, and more.

Low-Density Polyethylene: Widely used for manufacturing plastic bags and flexible plastic films, but they are not recycled.

The aforementioned are some of the plastic types that cover the clothes we buy.

How does Sustainable Product Packaging Benefits Your Business?

Flexibility: Industries of all types heavily rely on environment-friendly product packaging. You can be looking for food & beverages, cosmetics, health & wellness, clothing or for electronic devices – sustainable product packaging type will be an ideal option to meet your requirements.

Better Brand Image:  To stand as an environmentally-responsible brand creates a sense of trust among your customers. The sustainable packaging trend continues to rise; for example, in the fashion industry, more and more brands are claiming to offer 100% sustainable clothing by 2025. There are brands like Zara and H&M that ‘truly’ represent themselves as sustainable clothing brand.

Reduce Shipping Cost: If you source top-tier eco-friendly packaging, you will use less of it, decreasing transportation costs. They are light in weight, making customer’s life easier, which is why; they are becoming everyone’s #1 choice, especially for environmentally conscious minds.

Customer Base Expansion: 90% of CEOs find that sustainability is the road to success. Ever since the sustainability trend gained popularity, we have witnessed customers wishing to interact with and buy from the brand with eco-friendly practices and objectives. This topic is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes.

Get the most out of product packaging.

Producing, designing and sourcing sustainable product packaging can consume a lot of your valuable time, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. To help you make the decision, connect with the trusted flexible packaging manufacturers and have all the help you need to choose the right packaging type, design tips and prototypes, prepare the artwork, and more.

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