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Extend Product Life with Flexible Packaging Solutions

October 7, 2022
By Ben Kaplan
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Every year comes with a wave of new cutting-edge technologies and innovations but only a few stand tall through the test of time. Flexible packaging is one of the innovations that remains at the top ever since its inception without ever hitting a downfall.

Given the numerous applications, it plays a key role in not just one but multiple industries, helping grow businesses in less time, money and resources. To name some industries- Food & Non-food segment, retail industry, toiletries packaging, cosmetics, healthcare & pharma products, storage wraps, trash bags and many more.

With growing urbanization and the increasing proportion of middle-class customers, flexible packaging solutions are set to take over the industry with their impressive features and sturdy quality. From food safety that extends the product’s shelf life, ease of use, sustainability and printing-ability, there’s no shortage of causes for the unparalleled advancement of flexible packaging services, especially when it comes to the food & beverage industry.

Flexible packaging offers an array of elements and materials for companies in the industry of product packaging or manufacturing different types of foods. Your objective could be to boost your product’s shelf life, minimize damage or loss during shipment or develop unique packaging branding.

Let’s unravel the amazing benefits of flexible packaging that you should know about:

Environment-Friendly:  Working with a sustainability-conscious printer makes flexible packaging an eco-friendly and green solution. One of the reasons why this, in particular, is considered a sustainable and popular solution is that it doesn’t need earth resources to produce and is recyclable. Consider using recyclable plastic films or other environmentally-conscious materials.

Convenience: Some of the features that you should be considering when it comes to flexible packaging include zip locks, spouts and re-sealable locks. One of the most important keys to effective communication is offering customers something they can relate to and easily understand. Whatever the design is, it should make the consumer’s or buyer’s choice easy.

Affordability: Some inexperienced buyers talk about the manufacturing expenses of flexible packaging; in reality, it is relatively inexpensive to produce and lower cost than conventional product packaging (due to fewer materials used).

Light-in-Weight: When a product is light in weight, it instantly minimizes shipping expenses. Regardless of the package type or size, if it takes less space and is lighter than conventional packaging methods, you’ll increase your profit.

Safer Distribution: One of the most essential reasons why flexible packaging is growing is due to its incredible features that keep the food in good condition for a long time. They usually come with airtight packaging that keeps the food preserved and safe from contaminants, moisture, sunlight and more. With flexible packaging, contents stay intact with increased shelf life. The durable quality of flexible packaging helps protect the contents as well as the package exterior.

Unique packages with appealing design, sturdy quality and affordable prices stand out and garner attention if they solve consumers’ needs.

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