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Field Packaging Solutions Leads With Expertise, Investment and Innovation in Packaging

Field Packaging Solutions (FPS) acquires, invests in and operates small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses in various segments of the packaging industry including, but not exclusive to, polyethylene extrusion and bag converting, manufacturing of multi-wall paper bags, adhesive laminating and flexible packaging, and distribution of various packaging products. We actively seek additional companies to add to our current platforms that include the above mentioned industries as well as folding cartons and paperboard.

Doing Business With Field Packaging Solutions

As a self-funded private family office, we make acquisitions and investments for the long term with no exit strategy. With more than 75 years of packaging industry expertise and a commitment and passion to nurture businesses, we add value by bringing investment, ideas and innovation to every transaction.

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Leadership in Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is a growing trend among consumers. Because it matters so much to them, sustainability expertise is essential for packaging companies. In order to maintain a reputation for environmental stewardship, brands need to deliver products that meet requirements as well as consumer demands.

Read our take on why instituting such a program ultimately impacts the bottom line with a positive ROI as consumers embrace brands that move toward eco-friendly options. 


We listen and discover what’s unique about every company we acquire. Let’s talk about how our expertise, investment and innovation can help you.


Our companies manufacture a breadth of products from polyethylene extrusion and bag converting, adhesive laminating and flexible packaging, and distribution of various packaging products.

Thought Leadership

With more than 75 years of leadership, the Field team of experienced packaging industry pros have the insight to take your company to the next level. Here’s our take on industry trends and developments.